Friday, April 6, 2012

No News is Good News?

Announcements are set for this week, but still no word from those in charge. I'm assuming that since today is Good Friday, and campuses are closed, then it's very unlikely that they'd be contacting people. Perhaps the weekend? Monday? Another whole week??! All I know is that every time my devices make an email/tweet/ringer/random bleep or blip I tense up in excitement and anticipation.

Fellow applicant, Timothy Judd, has not been especially helpful.

Since I had hoped to use today's blog to share the news of my excitement/disappointment and that will have to wait for another are some little tidbits to keep you going.

The first contains another interview by Kim Binsted, skip to 17:29 for her part.

And then this is just a completely stellar TED-Ed talk by a fish!

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