Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Perils of Grad Schooldom

I'm terribly sorry for no posts the past two days. I've been busy with science frustrations and helping a friend pack up to move back to Japan. However, this coming week is my Spring Break, so I will have time for some wonderful creations. Edible, readable, and ponderable.

Cause of my frustrations. Ugh. 
As a special treat, I will be tweeting along with my bus journey to Long Beach. If you have never been on a Greyhound adventure, then you have not lived, my friends. You can follow me on Twitter via the link on the left blog panel. 

Also, I've been in talks with some potential Guest Bloggers! 

Questions on the Day:
Do you have any topic requests?
Would you like to hear from somebody in a particular field of study?

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